During our team's experience in the industry, we have personally negotiated and established contracts both locally and internationally for a range of companies, irrespective of their size and include but not limited to:


With over 30 years of management experience in the Remote Accommodation and Facility Services Industry, both nationally and internationally, Transnational Services Alliance (TSA), has been created to engage and promote Indigenous and Local Australian companies.

Our suite of company services enables any and all Facility Service necessities associated with any project requirement anywhere in Australia.

We have a team of experienced catering and camp specialists providing the highest quality product, designed around the clients’ needs, using a value maximizing approach to business rather than one focused on profit.


“We are essentially a one stop shop” with an emphasis on Indigenous engagement and community benefit, offering turnkey services to companies requiring accommodation support throughout Australia.

Our Managing Director and founder Robert Kan, commenced his career in 5 Star Hotels, during which time he was awarded a number of state and national catering awards. He later made the transition into the facility services industry, successfully applying his 5 Star hotel skills to the remote market and introducing service innovations which today are still the cornerstone of many contract requirements.

Transnational Services is proud to have a background of loyal relationships with our clients. We base our services on availability, integrity, freshness and meeting your company’s personal goals. Throughout our many years of management industry experience, we are able to draw on loyal labour resources, who are well trained and incorporate our values.

We go anywhere, any place, anytime.
We go anywhere, any place, anytime.


We are Guest-Driven

Having made the transition from the 5 star Hotels, Robert and Transnational has a good understanding of what would define the best. It wouldn’t be just better food, better accommodations or even a better price, but instituting an attitude of true service value.

Transnational also supports the flow of business progress and regional success through optimizing the quality of life for the workers of companies we support. How well we serve is often how much they succeed, and when we grow our services, we envision the optimal experience for the residents we serve. Food that is fun and nutritious, accommodation that provides peace and security, and an overall experience that people look forward to and tell stories about.

When we take care of your workforce, our operations are solely focused to maximize the guest experience.

It might seem simple, but it requires us to explore every opportunity to optimize our operations. We source local suppliers when able, offer exceptional training to meet local staffing requirements and hire the best teams to produce the best results. The outcome of our process is the best possible experience for our guests and the greatest value achievable for our customers.

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