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Turnkey Solutions

To support our vision of a high quality, high value approach to accommodation management, Transnational through our Group Alliance, can provide complete turnkey services. Working with our alliance partners, we can assist in the design, modular sourcing, development, commissioning, operation and shut down of all facility requirements.

By offering one point of contact to our customers, one that coordinates and manages all aspects of an accommodation facility, we’ve simplified the entire process and found ways to add more value. Having a vendor neutral approach to selecting service provider’s means we will find the best solutions at the best price; delivering a custom tailored solution and better value.

Camp Management

Our experience in catering and housekeeping makes us an ideal choice for the ongoing maintenance of camp facilities. The centric quality approach of Transnational delivers a high quality of life to all of our guests, supplying welcoming accommodation, remarkable food choices, and committed housekeeping.


Food Services

We began in the food industry as top quality caterers. We are committed to providing the best meals that exceed expectations. All of our chefs are experienced and well-rounded, supplying nutritious meals that impress. Transnational will build custom meal plans, work with food requirements and provide custom food options.

Supply and Logistics

For all aspects of the accommodation facility, Transnational is a proactive manager of supplies, ensuring clean and well-stocked provisions for our guests. Our grocery and warehousing systems are designed for real time updates and fast restock of all operations.

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