Food Services

We understand that food is often the most memorable and most impacting experience an individual can have in an accommodation facility. How the food delivers in taste and appearance can bring satisfaction further than nearly any other component of an individual’s stay. That is why Transnational hires experienced chefs and top level food designers to deliver meals that are palatable to all tastes and expectations.

The meal is an intricate balance of fresh products, clever preparation, and nutritional value. Each component needs to be maximized in the effective delivery of memorable meals that leave people satisfied and healthy. We’ve implemented experts for every element in this process, supply managers for optimal products, and top quality chefs that help design superb meals that impress.

Food Philosophy

We have a pride in our meals and provide an experience our guests are excited to consume and talk about. Our chefs have to be creative, knowledgeable, and conscious of the needs of our guests. We hand pick our leaders to ensure our food services are truly a remarkable experience.


Dietitian Designed Nutrition

Great food should impact performance positively, and heavy, greasy meals can leave people unsatisfied. We’ve designed our food requirements around optimizing nutrition so that work performance is supported by healthy eating. Transnational follows the recommendations of nutritionists to research ingredients and preparations that deliver top quality performance nutrition without compromising on taste. This has elevated our food services beyond a convenience, and even beyond a luxury; we deliver food experiences that improve health and wellbeing.

Dynamic Food Design

By hiring top level food professionals, we’ve issued a creative license for food design to our chefs. Keeping within the standards of meal components and nutritional value, our food services teams constantly offer new meal ideas that evolve based on the demands of our guests. This dynamic meal system removes repetition or dissatisfaction in certain food types, and gives our chefs the freedom to build exceptional meals.