During our team's experience in the industry, we have personally negotiated and established contracts both locally and internationally for a range of companies, irrespective of their size and include but not limited to:


Packaged Services to suit all Project Requirements

  • Permanent Accommodation Villages
  • Temporary Accommodation Camps
  • Mining Camps, Drilling Camps, Road Camps, Construction Camps
  • Full Turnkey - Accommodation Supply and Accommodation Services
  • Build Own Operate Transfer Financial Proposals
  • Off-Shore Rigs and Vessels
  • Hotels, Motels, Caravan Park Management

Transnational Services Alliance excels at delivering quality services and remote living comfort to all of our guests.

By developing the profile of our resident, we understand the demands of their jobs and the amenities that deliver a satisfying stay. We seek to develop a welcoming environment, one that is closely managed and scrutinised by our team to deliver true comfort to our guests.

When you need a one-stop shop

  • Accommodation Management
  • Camp Supply
  • Catering & Food Services
  • Housekeeping and Facility Cleaning
  • Airport Management
  • Transport / Bus Services
  • Site Office Cleaning
  • Retail and Tavern Services
  • Maintenance and Gardening
  • Waste Management Services
  • Pest Control
  • Security Services
  • Airport Concessions
  • Corporate Building FM
  • Traffic Control
  • Security
  • Health & Lifestyle
  • Paramedic Services
  • Traffic Control
  • Satellite Communications
  • Plumbing, Electrical, Air-Conditioning
  • Gym Equipment

Food Services

We understand that food is often the most memorable and most impacting experience an individual can have in an accommodation facility. How the food delivers in taste and appearance can bring satisfaction further than nearly any other component of an individual’s stay. That is why Transnational Services hires experienced chefs and top level food designers to deliver meals that are palatable to all tastes and expectations.

The meal is an intricate balance of fresh products, clever preparation, and nutritional value. Each component needs to be maximised in the effective delivery of memorable meals that leave people satisfied and healthy. We’ve implemented experts for every element in this process, supply managers for optimal products, and top quality chefs that help design superb meals to impress.

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Accommodation & Site Administration Management

Transnational Services strives to constantly improve its technology at all its sites as well as Head Office. Current programs in place are: ATMs, Point of Sale Systems, Camp Manager Programs, and accommodation management systems. Our systems easily integrate with those of the client ensuring accurate and efficient management of room allocation, maintenance tasks and cloud based reporting.

Housekeeping & Cleaning Services

Our Accommodation Housekeeping and Janitorial services provide cleaning, maintenance, waste management, outdoor litter control, and preventative pest control.

Transnational Services has an Environmental Sustainability policy to verify that our janitorial camp services include environmentally friendly cleaning products. One of the best ways Transnational Services can promote health and wellness is by ensuring that our staff and guests enjoy safe and clean accommodations on their remote site camps.

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Safety Management

We understand our vital role in the protection of everyone’s health and safety. Transnational Services will implement emergency response plans and safety programs for each facility; tailoring systems based on unique location needs. Safety training is provided for all employees utilising our comprehensive training program that ensures complete knowledge and adoption of hazard reporting and mitigation regulations.

Supply Management

In order to deliver the freshest quality food and clean, comfortable accommodations, Transnational Services excels at the management of products and supplies to remote facilities. Our systems track and communicate supply levels to experienced managers responsible for the quality of all elements within the camp. Transnational Services will manage camp consumables including all necessary water supply, waste water storage, treatment and waste management.


Maintenance & Property Management Services


Our comprehensive on-site maintenance solutions will have the manpower and equipment standing by, should a situation arise that needs their attention. Keeping your camp in good order is our maintenance teams first order of business. We can also take on what we call ‘hard maintenance’. This is the maintenance of specialist equipment, such as generators and pumps. We can also maintain clients equipment in the same way.

Retail Services

Transnational Services provides a range of additional services at our remote sites. Retail stores, Taverns & Vending Machines can be provided, delivering to our customers a fully immersive retail experience whilst away from home. This Retail initiative offers a wide variety of items for purchase. Payment options include cash, debit and credit. When the retail areas are closed, vending machines are kept well stocked with a wide variety of items. These additional services ensure a more comfortable and convenient stay.

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Innovations in Service

Transnational Services will ensure that the catering services it provides will be varied and as stimulating as possible. Our suite of innovative offerings include Soft Serve Ice-Cream machines, Make your own Pizzas, Coffee Machines, Popcorn on Demand, Hot Dog delights and much more. We would be pleased to discuss how we can make the lifestyle of your accommodation facility a little more interesting.

"Fit for Life" - Healthy Program

The health, safety and wellbeing of any workforce is paramount to its success and effectiveness. As a result, Transnational Services has developed a health and lifestyle offering which not only aims to keep residents fit and healthy, but also safe and injury free.

The aim of the program is to educate, motivate and encourage as many residents as possible to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and to foster positive onsite relationships and friendly competition. The program offers a wide range of activities including team sports, individual fitness programs, educational support, nutritional guidelines, and social events.

In order for our program to be proactive and suited to our client’s needs, the program is championed by a Health and Lifestyle coordinator at the site. this person comes to the site trained, qualified and experienced in offering holistic health solutions to a wide range of people.

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Local Employment and Community Support

Efficient operations require the proactive management of staff and residents. We track occupancy and changeover schedules to ensure the camp is staffed properly. Transnational hires from local communities where ever possible, providing training programs that promote personal development. We view each of our employees as a vital component in the delivery of a comfortable and enjoyable stay at each site. We hire and invest in each of our employees to provide top quality service.